The Eclectic Kat

handmade with a smile


Welcome to the Eclectic Kat. Here I’ll be sharing what I’m currently working on; everything from fire tool wick covers and aprons to upcycled totes and accessories. I love giving gently used items new life, as well as watching all the materials I use morph from one form to another. Creating things with my hands brings me joy and I’m always trying new things, so expect to see a great variety of items in the shop. I hope you can see that joy in the items I offer and I’d love to hear from you, so shoot me a line and tell me what you think!
I’ve spent years dreaming up and making costume pieces for myself and my friends, painting and collageing for the fun of it, and beading for family gifts. Recently I’ve had more friends request my help and pieces, bolstering my belief that others might find joy in what I make as well. With this ego boost I’ve set out to make items I know others are looking for, items I use myself.
My shop isn’t likely to be filled with a single focused creative expression, but it’s likely to change with the seasons, with my moods, and as I continue to learn new skills and techniques, these will change what’s listed too. I’m not exactly ADD, but with so many interests, it’s hard to focus on just one all the time. Thankfully there’s the opportunity to combine most of my interests and skills, which will help to create some sort of cohesion and continuity.

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