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Color differentations

Morning glories too

The colors are off, but an interesting take on what my eye saw.

I don’t have the best camera.  In fact, my only digital camera is my phone.  I have a lovely SLR, but totally not digital, making it less appealing to me.  I like the immediacy of a digital picture.  So most of the photos I take are at the whim of my phones camera.  It’s not horrible, but really, I can see that it’s inferior to an actual camera.

One of the things that particularly erks me is the color distortions.  Sometimes it’s so slight I hardly notice, other times, like with this picture of the morning glories, it’s just so wrong.  As I looked closer at the flowers as I was comparing what I captured and what I was seeing, I noticed the coloration the camera was picking up.  In person, it wasn’t as extreme, the fore colors in the photo were more subtle.  Their color was enhanced by the backdrop of their own very large, very green leaves.

Right now I have pictorial limitations.  Even so, I often end up with something interesting.  I can live with that.


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