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Waiting for fabric

The time between placing an order and receiving it in the mail is tortuous.  Knowing I’ll be holding the item(s), feeling the heft, and the smells.  Best of all are the supply orders, those end in me making something fun.

Right now I’m waiting for the fabric for the Catwoman costume from the new Batman Rises.  I’m looking forward to tackling this costume.  While I’ve worked with stretchy fabric before, I’ve never made a full on catsuit.  This project is intimidating, but I’m up to the challenge and the learning.

The original fabric I was looking at was out of stock.  It was perfect.  It was thick, like a neoprene almost, with a two-way stretch, the perfect matte finish, and looked almost exactly like what the film sports.  I’m so super disappointed by it being out of stock.  I’ve tried looking for it elsewhere, online, but with no luck.  Being in Indianapolis doesn’t leave me with a large fabric selection to choose from.

The fabric I’m settling for is spandex with matte dots all over and a four-way stretch.  It definitely fits the bill, but it doesn’t have that thickness that’s in the films costume.  I’d still like to figure out a way to add that thickness, keep the stretchiness, and not mess up the fit.  We’ll see if it’s possible, then how I’m able to pull it off.

No pictures yet, once I have the fabric in hand, I’ll share.


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