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Goal Setting

Recently I’ve been dreaming of acquiring a small camper trailer and a vehicle with which to tow it.  With said vehicle and trailer I would travel around to different states and sell my wares.  It’ll have solar panels, plenty of windows, and of course, craft space including a sewing machine.  Let’s not forget the fact the trailer would be outfitted with wifi as well to blog, post, sell, and share.  As I travel around the states, I’ll video the various venues/shows/festivals I’m selling at, conduct interviews with other local, craft sellers, and connect with friends and other folks in the areas I’m visiting.  Sometimes I’ll have guest crafters/artists selling along side me in my booth, I’m sure many of them would be from my current social circle and grow from there.  I’ll make enough sales to cover all my travels, fun food outings, business building, savings, and more.

This just the outline, the general layout of my goals.  Since I’m asking the universe, setting intentions, and making wishes, I know being as specific as I can be will help me get exactly what I want.  It’s also a good way to keep me focused on what it is that I’m really aiming for.  Some things, I know the specifics of what I want, others though, I’ve not thought out more than in a general sense.  I remind myself that I can continue to better define my wants and know I’ll have to remain flexible, ready for changes and tweaks to my dreams.

Right now, this is still just a dream.  Far off, unreal, and something fun to make real.  I’ve only had one pre-made item sell so far and a few custom orders.  Definitely not enough to afford a vehicle, trailer, or even the gas to travel.  Of course, I know there are some steps I can do to up my exposure and beef up my sales.  Currently I’m only really focused online, but I don’t plan on keeping it there.  I’m still working on building inventory so I can actually put together a little booth/shop.  With the holiday season coming up, I can’t focus too much on building inventory.

Now to continue on that work.


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