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More than just a carrot

Years ago I made a bunny outfit for Bunnarchy in Detroit.  To go with that fun, purple w/pink bunny outfit, I made a a bag to carry my water bottle, keys, ID and money….in the shape of a carrot.  This was when I was first getting into sewing and creating the fun things I wanted to wear.  Of course I couldn’t pick easy fabrics to learn with, or bother with pre-made patterns.  Anyway, my carrot was a hit and a great learning experience.  Today, as I look at that carrot I see all the things I’d change and do better, I’m still really proud of it.  I’m thinking of making some more of these, maybe a beet or rutabaga, fun veggie bags and water bottle carriers.

Carrot bag

Water carrier w/compartment in carrot form

The tops are two different pipe cleaners in green, attached by thread, this is the top of the carrying compartment.  The carrot top compartment was made with the cut off bottom of a plastic water bottle to which I sewed the fuzzy orange fabric; it opens  on the top, held closed with velcro about 3/4’s of the way around.  Under the compartment there’s a zipper to access the insulated water bottle holder.  I made it so the water bottle was inserted cap down, toward the tapered bottom of the carrot, which flips back for drinking, that way I could look like a bunny eating her carrot.


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